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March Report 2007 PDF Print E-mail
The March trip commenced with a two day seminar in Ho Chinh Minh City (HCMC/Saigon). This resulted at the request of the International Red Cross (ICRC) who became aware of the Ponseti technique for clubfoot management at a global health meeting in 2006. Following much long-distance coordination, the seminar for 23 doctors and physical therapists of the main maternity hospitals in HCMC was run very successfully. 
August Report 2006 PDF Print E-mail
This trip was quickly under way with a busy outpatient clinic at the DaNang rehab centre on the first morning. As always we saw many lovely children with heart wrenching conditions. This was followed by a rapid unpack-repack and then a 3.5 hour drive to Quang Tri, a provincial region north of Da Nang in central Vietnam.
June Report 2006 PDF Print E-mail
The June trip saw a changeover in the main medical staff involved with the clubfoot project in Danang. Bs Ky became more directly involved, due to the imminent departure of Bs Thanh, who is studying in the USA for 6 months, thanks to sponsorship from Variety.
March Report 2006 PDF Print E-mail
This was one of the busiest trips yet to Vietnam. After the initial pilot program last year the clubfoot project is really beginning to gain momentum. The local media coverage which we have been receiving has been very helpful in raising the profile and awareness of the project. Our first few days were spent reviewing patients who had previously been cast and now wearing splints.
August Report 2005 PDF Print E-mail
While many of Variety Club supporters were enjoying themselves on the 2005 Bash the money being raised was being put to good use in Vietnam for the Clubfoot program. During August we were joined by Dr Angela Evans who was self funded but is someone we hope to recruit into the program.
June Report 2005 PDF Print E-mail
While the trip in April was primarily to negotiate the legal, logistic and organizational aspects of the program the June trip saw the implementation of the program.  The seminar was held in held at Da Nang and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center (DORC) on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th June. 40 Participants from Da Nang and the neighbouring rural province Quang Nam attended.
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