Since 1996 the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons has been providing voluntary surgical aid in central Vietnam. Their mission has been to provide treatment for foot and leg deformities in areas where there is limited medical services. Through their work and community programmes they are helping to improve the lives of thousands of people who have difficulties walking.

If a person is unable, or finds it difficult to walk, it also affects their capacity to work. They then become a burden to their family and community creating many social issues. 

There are numerous problems affecting people’s ability to walk in Vietnam. However, clubfoot has been identified as a condition which if able to be more effectively treated, would make a very significant difference to the lives of many people. 

Sponsorship from Clarks Shoes Australia and Variety Internationals Children’s Lifeline for “These Feet Were Made for Walking” Clubfoot project has seen the aims of this mission become a reality.


Learn why this condition is one of the most disabling of all musculoskeletal problems in the developing world.
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Simple, cheap treatments can solve most cases of clubfoot if treated early. For others the surgical mission offers state-of-the art treatments.
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